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제목 I like it
작성자 Dol**** (ip:)
  • 작성일 2017-11-28 10:52:00
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  • 조회수 351
평점 5점
I started to use this ampoule 1 month ago. My skin is originally normal with few pimples on the jaw line, they keep appearing, although not too serious. My skin is neither oily, nor dry. Few, mild wrinkles under my eyes. So all together I was searching for a skincare product that has a nice effect on my pimples and wrinkles.
***This ampoule is a water-type, so it can absorb into my skin quickly. I do not prefer other heavy, oily, sticky solutions, they sometimes even stuck my pores. I am always careful to choose ONLY water or gel type products, but of course it depends on the person.
***The smell is mild, feels good.
***The finish needs time, but it works well already after 1-2 weeks. The pimples stopped coming only after few days, my skin got free of skin troubles after 1 week about. The wrinkles needed a bit more time, but after about 2 weeks I could see result already.
***Now, after 1 month of usage I can say, this ampoule had a nice effect on my pimples and wrinkles! No irritation. No stucked pores. My skin likes it a lot.
+ In addition, I could also experience that my skin is more hydrated than before.
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